Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Eggs: The Shining Reference in Toy Story?

Easter eggs are usually filled with chocolates, jelly beans, maybe a few coins that jingle when shaken... but Easter eggs can also be hidden things inside movies and video games and some of my favorite funny video Easter eggs are hidden within Disney movies. 

I just came across an article that shared an interesting Easter egg within Pixar's Toy Story movies. Apparently the Pixar team is a fan of Stephen King's "The Shining"

Here's the link to the article

Carpet from The Shining

Carpet in Toy Story

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Another Funny BSA Zombie Picture

I found this one a BSA Google+ community and had to share it!

Boy Scouts of America & Zombies???

My oldest son is just getting started with scouting. It's been a while since I spent my youth in the BSA and as both a dad and an Eagle Scout I hope that Owen catches the scouting bug and follows my footsteps from Tiger Cub to Eagle!

While ordering his uniform and badges I stumbled across the living dead... well not literally, but I found that the BSA has added a few patrol patches for the Boy Scouts, including a "zombie patrol".

That got me thinking. If the BSA has officially added the zombie patrol patch to their uniform catalog what other zombie related things have they adopted?

I found that several councils have held zombie themed camporees! I can remember sitting around the fires during summer camps and saying... "man, wouldn't it be cool if?"

Check out this link to one of these camporees and take a look at what the scouts get to do! 

From the site:

"April 26-27, 2014 at Camp Post in Post, Texas
Zombies have been sighted in the South Plains Council , and are rumored to be heading towards Camp Post.  Scouts are advised to seek shelter at camp. Compete in Challenges with your patrol between 5 - 9 Scouts for the Vaccine.  Bring your own gear and rations to survive the weekend.

Many Stations include:  Aim for brains on the Range, Keep your Patrol Vaccine from roaming Zombies, Race against other patrols at Scout activities."

I just might need to collect the patches for these events too! So cool!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

End of Chapter 9: Awesome Hook

I'm a little over the halfway mark for the "Creepers" novel by Robbert Craig. The ending to chapter 9 has such a great hook and the "aha" moment for the main character. 

This book is proving to be a great find in the used book store. Glad I picked it up.


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Blood Moon, Blood Soon: A Short Story

It's been a couple of rough days around here and I needed to escape for a little while into a story. So with that said, the photo was my writing prompt. I hope you enjoy it. MH

Blood Moon, Blood Soon
Mateo Hellion

If Jack had known what was going to take place February 20th, 2008, he would have stayed home. Maybe cook something simple and romantic in their small kitchen. Pesto Linguine and cedar plank shrimp, a glass of deep red wine from one of the local wineries. But it was Betty-Rose's birthday, and what Betty-Rose wanted more than anything that day was dinner in the rotating restaurant inside the Seattle Space Needle and a walk along the observation deck.

So, like any good husband will do, Jack made the reservations and the two newly weds made the drive from the East side's Bellevue area across the 520 bridge into Seattle. Traffic was light and Jack was able to find parking without a hitch. As he exited his car he glanced at his watch and smiled. They were nearly thirty-five minutes early, plenty of time to walk the short distance to the base of the Needle and enjoy the glass elevator ride up.

"Jack, did you bring the camera? I want some pictures." Betty-Rose asked as she climbed out of the car and stepped aside so Jack could close the door.

Jack patted his coat pocket, "Never leave home without it."

She smiled and kissed him lovingly, then intertwined her fingers in his and Jack led the way to dinner.

Dinner was everything Betty-Rose had hoped for. They each started with a bowl of razor clam corn chowder. But their tastes for a main course differed. Betty-Rose ordered the pear and brie agnolotti which consisted of braised greens and homquist hazelnuts that had a squash brown butter sauce drizzled over it. Jack stayed true to his meat-and-potato ways and ordered himself the American Kobe beef tenderloin that came with a side of fingerling potatoes and roasted cauliflower.

The conversation was warm and happy as usual. Jack continuously asked himself how in the hell had he gotten Betty-Rose. He wasn't the most attractive guy out there, nor the wealthiest, but she didn't seem to notice. They had met by chance one rainy day in a Starbucks near the Bellevue Square Mall. Jack and Bettty-Rose had ordered the same type of coffee. Jack was talking away to a coworker and not really paying much attention to what he was doing. Betty-Rose was doing the same, only to the side of Jack. The barista called the order and placed the cup on the counter. Jack and Betty-Rose both reached for the cup. Their hands touched and like a spark of electricity had welded their souls together they stood there dumbfounded, hands holding each other just long enough to become awkward and demanding an introduction.

It was love at first sight. 

After dessert, Jack escorted Betty-Rose to the observation deck and the two huddled close against the cold February wind. The clouds parted and both paused at the sight.

"Wow, would you look at that. A lunar eclipse." Jack said.

"I totally forgot about that. They talked about it on the radio today." Betty-Rose said.

"Happy birthday honey." Jack kissed her, "Now, go stand over there and let me get a picture of the birthday girl. We can get the moon in the background."

Betty-Rose did as she was told and struck a pose like some French model, over exaggerating the pouting lips. There was a flash of light from the camera and Betty-Rose squinted. Crap, Jack thought, as he turned off the flash to ensure that the moon made it into the picture.

"Sorry Rose, try again, no flash this time."

"Payback can be a real bitch Jack." Betty-Rose teased.

Jack snapped the picture and the couple huddled once again to warm each other, Betty-Rose wrapping her arms around Jack under his coat. Jack looked at the back of the camera and flipped through the menu on the small LCD picture. He stopped.

Betty-Rose felt Jack tense and she looked down at the camera's screen, then instinctively squeeze him tighter. 

Caught in the flash of the camera was something impossible and horrifying. On the other side of the metal fencing that separated the casual observer from the void was a huge winged human-like form. Its eyes reflected red and it seemed to be staring at Betty-Rose. Leathery skin that sported a blotchy brown and red texture was taught with muscle. Huge bat-like wings were outstretched as the creature's human hands gripped the fencing to keep it in place.

"What the hell is that Jack?!" Betty-Rose begged.

"I... I don't know." Jack said.

Then they heard a loud screeching scream from nearby and they both whipped around in time to see the same winged creature biting the fencing with it's yellowed jagged teeth. There was an equally loud "twang" as the fencing gave way and the the abomination peeled back the barrier like a sardine can lid.

Jack and Betty-Rose stood frozen by fear as the thing worked its massive body through the opening onto the deck. The entire time it twisted and turned its body through the hole its large red reflecting eyes stared at them filled with... with what Jack wondered. Hate? Lust? Hunger?   

Betty-Rose was the first to snap out of the paralyzing shock. She turned to run and pulled Jack along. As if snapping out of a trance he bolted and took the lead. 

The creature bellowed and creamed at them. They felt the foot falls as it gave chase. heard the sickening sound of talons clacking on the concrete flooring. Betty-Rose looked back as Jack towed her along with his brute strength. The thing was closing in on them. She screamed and nearly fainted.

"Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!" Jack yelled as he ran around the center of the observation deck. He felt a massive tug and almost lost his balance as his forward momentum fought against the force pulling his right arm in the other direction, behind him. Shit, Rose, Jack thought. It has Rose! There was a blood curdling scream that confirmed Jack's nightmarish realization and he wheeled around.

The creature had Betty-Rose and was pinning her down to the floor with two massive black talons firmly stabbed in her back. She squirmed and screamed in pain. Jack watched as the thing grinned at him. Fucking grinned! Then it struck like a viper and bit off the back of Betty-Rose's neck in one swift bone snapping crunch.

Jack watched in horror as Betty-Rose's screams became gurgles and her squirms became weak twitches. It was too late for her, he knew that, and even though he wanted to lash out at this hellish creature he knew that she would want him to live. 

"Fuck you!" Jack yelled at it and turned to run.

Something large and hot blocked his path and Jack bounce off of it as if he'd just run full-tilt into a pole. He landed on his back and skidded to a stop a short distance away. Blocking his escape was a second winged creature, thinner than the first one but still with the leather skin and bat-like wings. 

Jack looked at Betty-Rose's dead mutilated body and resigned himself to death. He wanted to be with her, no matter where that may be. He then turned his gaze at the full moon. What was it that they called a lunar eclipse? Jack thought. Oh yeah, a Blood Moon. Shit, lots of blood tonight.

Jack took one last breath, then welcomed the pain and the light at the end of the tunnel.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

One Book Ends & One Book Starts

Just taking a moment to share the changing of the books. I finished the audio book of Stephen King's "Cujo" and started the audio book of Robin Wasserman's "The Waking Dark".

Yes, I know this isn't the cover of the audio copy... I like used books and this was a cool used cover I found in a Google search. The novel had some really good parts, as all of the King's work does, but to be honest... with this story I like the jumps and terrifying thrills of the movie more. I'm also not a huge fan of the last couple of parts in the book. I get that Stephen King was tying up the loose ends of various characters within the book, but in my opinion it could have been much more powerful if it ended right at the death of Cujo.

Jury is out on this one still, but so far I'm liking it