Wednesday, February 4, 2015

7,000 + Views : Horror Haiku

Thought I'd give a quick update on the "Bumps in the Night" Horror Haiku on Seraph Film's Youtube channel. So far it shows just over 7,000 views and I'm hoping we reach 8,000 by Sat... So tell everyone you know, hell tell people you don't know.

And just for fun I went ahead and ordered myself a Horror Haiku t-shirt!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

New Video Link

Just a FYI.

MeeRa Kim from Seraph Films just informed me that there was a mistake in the credits and they had to post a newer updated video of "Bumps in the Night".

I've updated the last post with the new video link, but for those who may have experienced a bad video link I wanted to explain.

Hope you all like the short film. Enjoy!


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Look Out Hollywood Here Comes Mateo Hellion!

The wait is finally over. The first of two screenplays chosen for Seraph Film's 2014 Horror Haiku screenplay contest is up and running on their YouTube channel. The entire crew did a great job and the cast in the film had some great chemistry.

I hope you enjoy the short film as much as I did.


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving Story: Liam's Wish

An Introduction:
               Thanksgiving. In grade school we were all told that it was a day with two cultures, the Pilgrims and the Native Americans, sitting down for dinner in an attempt to bridge the gap between two worlds. As we entered adulthood the day morphed into an opportunity to bring family and friends together, a day to share the good times past, and good times to come.
               But for one man, Thanksgiving Day became a day of terror, a day where the gathering of family and friends spelled a bloody death at the hands of a man only known as Boots. No one will ever know why or how it happened. Perhaps we shouldn’t know… Maybe we should just heed the old warning of being careful what we wish for.
This is Liam Carswell’s story, his wish that turned curse…

Liam’s Wish
Mateo Hellion
               Liam awoke with a start. Something was off. Everything felt wrong. The room was dark, cold, and there was a strange scratching noise in every direction. There was a smell too, a revolting manure smell. He sensed that he wasn’t alone even though it was pitch black. Liam couldn’t tell how many were in the room, but he knew there were a lot of them.
               Suddenly a deafening screeching sound pierced his ears and he watched in fascination as a small sliver of light grew. Daylight flooded in and assaulted his retinas. The sight confused Liam. He was in a small room with wooden floors and wooden walls. Turkeys bolted in chaos at the sight of the door sliding open. It took a full four seconds for it to register, but it finally struck him. He was looking at the turkeys from their height.
               “This can’t be?” Liam said to himself.
               “Let me guess, wishing well?” a voice asked from behind.
               Liam turned to find the origin of the sound. There wasn’t anyone there, just turkey after turkey, long necked with ugly skin flaps draped over their beaks. Then the turkey to Liam’s left spoke, “Na, he looks like a birthday boy to me.”
               Liam staggered back a few steps. This was crazy, turkeys don’t talk, and if they did, he doubted that they’d know anything about wishing wells and birthdays. “Wha… what did you just say?” Liam asked.
               “Hey watch it pal.” A robust, fully feathered turkey scolded.
               “He doesn’t know yet, ha. You’d think he’d be smarter for having been one of them first.” One turkey commented.
               Liam looked at the turkey, “what do you mean one of them first?”
               The robust turkey strutted over, “Look, pal, we don’t know how it happens. But once or twice a year some human makes a wish to be a bird, doesn’t say what kind, a poof, they show up here.”
               “What?” Liam asked.
               “You made a wish, right?” said one of the birds.
               Liam took a bewildered look around again and then looked down. He let out a scream. His feet were gone, replaced by two boney birdlike feet. He raised his right hand, only a hand didn’t appear. Instead, a brown feathered wing rose in its place.
               He was about to say something more when he was interrupted by an alien noise coming from outside. It was an unnatural metal on stone grinding sound. There was a rhythm to it, a very methodical rhythm, scarrrk, scarrrk, scarrrk, scarrrk. An uneasy feeling came over Liam.
               He had made a wish, a birthday wish. Wishes never come true, so why not wish for the impossible. He had always wanted to be free as a bird, souring over the trees, and coasting on the air currents. So, he had blown out his candles and made a wish to be a bird, just like the robust turkey has said.
               The grinding stopped and a new sound replaced it, a stomping sound. Soon a pair of mud covered black rubber boots walked in front of the room and stopped. One of the turkeys said, “It Boots, time for food!”
               “Boots?” asked Liam.
               “Yeah, he’s our feeder, treats us really good. We’ve been eating like kings for the last few months.” another turkey said. Liam tried to look up at the face of this “Boots” character but it was lost in the shadow of the sun.
               Eating like kings the last few months? Liam thought. Birthday wish? A cold chill ran down his back. That was it. His birthday was the clue to his uneasiness.
               “Oh my God! my birthday wish!” Liam shouted, “My birthday is two days before Thanksgiving!”
               A pair of rough hands reached down and grabbed the robust turkey, lifting it off of the ground. Liam ran for it, passing Boots between the legs. He found himself inside an enclosed yard. In the center of the yard there was a small stump and a steal stool.
               Liam watched in horror as Boots wrestled the robust turkey to the stump, stretched out the neck, and picked up a hatchet. As it rose over Boots’ head the sun gleamed off of its razor sharp edge. With a smooth fluid motion the hatchet came down on the turkey’s exposed neck. The turkey’s head fell to the ground, blood splattering. Liam screamed in a panic.
               Boots looked up at Liam and pushed the turkey’s twitching body off of the stump. Crimson oozed from the severed neck, pulsing with the dyeing bird’s heart, slowing as the life drained away. Boots stood up and headed towards Liam. Liam ran, but found he was trapped. There was nowhere for him to turn. He bolted for the room with the other turkeys.
               He was inches from the door when Liam felt a great weight on him. Boots had him in his powerful hands, squeezing him. Liam struggled, clawed, and pecked. Boots grabbed Liam by the neck and lifted him off of the ground. He watched in a helpless terror as they crossed the yard and hovered over the stump.
               The robust turkey’s body still twitched and Liam made eye contact with the lifeless head. Liam whimpered and struggled with all his might. Boots raised the hatchet. Liam closed his eyes and wished for the nightmare to end, for it to be painless. Then he heard Boots say, “Happy birthday Liam.” And his world slammed into eternal darkness.

Happy Thanksgiving, I hope that you and your loved ones enjoy your Liam this year… I hear he’s great with cranberries!

Friday, November 21, 2014

The One That Got Away

The One That Got Away
Mateo Hellion
"Edward-3-5 to dispatch, a plate."
"Go ahead Edward-3-5."
"1500 block of Main, Edward-Adam-Tom-Tom-Henry-Edward. On a blue Mazda."
Officer Kendall Zimmerman exited his patrol car and approached the small sedan. He was one to remain vigilant on every call, and while he was still being cautious, the Elderly gentleman in the driver seat had him less worried. He sat there with his hands on the steering wheel, ten and two.

The Mazda looked like something a school teacher would own. The license plate was a specialty one were the funds from its purchase went towards education. Brightly colored hand prints painted the sides next to the numbers while the state of Virginia was written in primary colors. To compliment the whole educator theme, two bumper stickers sat predominately on either side, one that said "I heart children" and the other, "I teach therefor I am."
The driver's window rolled down as Officer Zimmerman approach and the elderly man looked over with a smiled.
"Good morning Sir. Can I see you driver's license, registration, and proof of insurance please?" Officer Zimmerman asked.
"Of course." the man responded as he pulled out his wallet and presented his documents.
Zimmerman took the papers and excused himself so he could check them on his patrol car's computer. As he walked past he glanced into the rear seat and noted two paper grocery bags filled with an odd mix of items. One contained potatoes and other vegetables, a box containing roasting bags, and a roast beef seasoning packet. The other contained candy bars, ice cream, and boxed doughnuts.
He didn't know why, but it triggered his cop-like sixth sense that told him something was off. Instinctively he did a double check of the driver's position looking for anything else that would be a red flag, but found none. Everything seemed perfect.
The computer pulled up the man's history, which was really no history since the elderly man had no criminal record, and Zimmerman decided that he didn't want to be the first one to blemish a lifetime of good citizenship. He exited his patrol car and approached the Mazda again, noting that his wife had talked about getting the same "kids first" supporter license plate.
"Here you go Sir, Just a warning today, make sure you keep it at the limit." Officer Zimmerman said.
"You bet Officer, sorry about that." the man said.
Officer Zimmerman watched as the sedan slowly pulled out into traffic and disappeared among the throngs of people commuting home. That, "I'm missing something" feeling sinking in for no apparent reason as he stared. Everything was perfect... he shook his head and cleared his call.
6 weeks later...
Officer Zimmerman flipped through the information sheets that the patrol supervisors provided at the beginning of every shift. It was the usual items, stolen cars, petty crimes, active warrants to look for. But then his eye caught something and his stomach climbed into his chest. An informational bulletin from a neighboring county describing a recent murder investigation.
The report mentioned deputies being called to an elderly man's home for a welfare check. It went on to say that a rancid odor seemed to be coming from inside the residence. Upon entering the house the deputies were shocked to find more than just the dead body of an elderly man who'd dyed of natural causes.
Inside the home they discovered the half eaten and dismembered body of a child stuffed inside a roasting bag. The investigation found that the elderly man had choked on one of the bones from the child's hand. It also discovered that the man had been killing and eating his victims for over twenty years.
Officer Zimmerman's traffic stop with the old man slammed into his memory as he read the suspect's name, and so did the feeling of "I'm missing something". But now that the true nature of the beast had been discovered the answer stepped forward. It was the license plate. If you combined the identification tag along with the slogan it read, "EAT THE Kids first!"

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Thank you MHS Library!

I love sharing my writing so having my stories available to the students and staff of where I work is awesome. Thank you to Brian the librarian for making a spot of the shelf for me :) I wounder who the first reader will be? Student or staff?

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Happy B-day to Me: $3 worth of Horror

Its been a while since I've actually had the time to sit down and read. Most of the books I've digested recently have been in the audio format... Youtube has a great collection of free audio books by the way. 

I just finished listening to Stephen King's "Rage" which is damn near impossible to find in print since King has pulled it from publication shortly after the Columbine shooting. It wasn't one of my favorites of his, but well worth the listen. 

That said, I honestly think that King pulling the book wasn't necessary. I doubt it would have the influence he gives it. With how the news outlets sensationalize school shootings and the popularity of social media among youth... I just don't think "Rage" would be the reason little Johnny takes a gun to school. But I respect his decision and understand where he's coming from on the subject.

The one book that I'm actually turning pages on is "Creepers" a novel by Robbert Craig. It has sat on my nightstand for roughly four months without me touching it. It's been a good story and I'm looking forward to finishing the last two chapters. 

Maybe I'm weird but I always feel a little bad for the characters in a book I'm reading if I take too long between reads. Part of me likes to imagine the characters frozen in their story and anxiously awaiting me. 

The 13th was my birthday and I decided to make a quick stop at the Salvation Army before picking up the kids. I scored three books for $3! 

Stephen Kings "Dreamcatcher" in hardcover

Night Chills by Dean Koontz

and a collection of short horror edited by John Pelan